CannonCassidy is a global branding and naming firm comprised of world-class talent in the areas of naming, strategy, linguistics and research. Global companies come to CannonCassidy for three reasons — experience, leadership and results.


We understand what a solid naming strategy brings to any commercial plan. Our veteran partners arbitrate taste and provide sophisticated strategies to solve the unique needs of every project—while avoiding naming pitfalls.


Integrity and honesty are our cornerstones. Our nimble and no-nonsense approach yields expedient and polished results for small and Fortune 100 companies globally.


  • New Product Brand Name Development

  • USAN/INN Nonproprietary Name Development

  • Variant Naming

  • Ingredient Naming

  • Technology Platform Naming

  • Tagline Development

  • Trademark Conflict Screening

  • Nomenclature Systems

  • Competitive Audits

  • Nomenclature Audits

  • Brand Assessment

  • Brand Positioning

  • Brand Voice

  • Name Preference Testing

  • Attribute Performance Testing

  • Brand Equity Assessment

  • POCA Analysis

  • Look-alike/Sound-alike Testing

  • FMEA Research

  • Regulatory Safety Testing

  • Memorability & Recall Testing

  • Translation

  • Connotation

  • Slang Associations

  • Current Event/Historical Relevance

  • Indigenous Brand Associations

  • Ease of Pronunciation


Our job is to create great names that stand out. Our experience spans the Pharmaceutical/Healthcare, Consumer Package Goods, Medical Device and Technology sectors — see our clients.


We guarantee two things: We will be the first to tell you if we are not the right fit for you — occasionally we are not the best solution. If you do decide to work with us, not only do we promise a winning outcome, we guarantee you will have fun along the way.


Our goal is simple — create exceptional brands that make your business thrive and our self-esteem rise. Our consultancy is built on over 60 years of integrity.

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